Valentine's Day Celebrity Massacre

Valentine's Day didn't do a great job for love last year.

Despite them being in the news everyday, no-one seemed to notice that there was a cull of London's celebrity couples going on.

It was brutal. Guy Ritchie and Madonna lost kids and cash respectively, Heather Mills lost the pure love she once shared in Paul McCartney's multi-million pound mansion and Prince Harry lost Chelsy, possibly after calling her a "P*ki" because of her tan.

Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse saw husband Blake Fielder-Civil banged up and consoled her aching heart with a series of flings in the Caribbean and game Peaches Geldof married young and split up a few minutes older. By these standards, the break up of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty was run-of-the-mill, unless you count the cocaine, heroin and horse tranquilisers.

Even the couples still together seem to want to avoid London. Posh and Becks have now lived almost everywhere in the world (and Manchester) but their home town, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are forever over the sea at award ceremonies and Sharon Osbourne has given up the UK X Factor gig, so less of her and Ozzy.

All that might have left the throne of Top London Celebrity Couple embarrassingly empty if it wasn't for Ronnie Wood, 61, and Ekaterina Ivanova, 20. Not that it's all plain-sailing for London's new showbiz royalty.

"There is something really tiring about it," says Ivanova. "I am always exhausted. There are Ronnie's Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and then when you get home the phone rings, then you have to walk the dog."

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day date to me.