The Illuminati on Expenses

Without a doubt MPs are the Demons this week and that's all well and good, but the sneaky thing about demons is that they are pretty good at dragging the Angels down with them.

For dramatic purposes, they're right to do it.

What would be the fun of light v. dark films like Angels and Demons if there weren't something of the night about the goodies? Our previous saviour Harry Potter had a bit of Slytherin in him and even Saint Tom Hanks seems drawn to whack-jobs like the Illuminati.

Like all evil-doers, MPs hope to play on this dynamic, which is why they've tried to blame the expenses 'system' (i.e. other MPs) for their woes, or turn the tables on TV presenters by asking what money they're on.

Most people know this is all part of the game, but watch out for those that take it all at face value.

In the US, there is a group called The Resistance which plans to storm into cinemas screening Angels and Demons and tell audiences of the literal truth about the world-controlling Illuminati, the film's baddies.

They're almost as funny as people who believe Gordon Brown and David Cameron when they say sorry.