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Buttoned Down Disco - 27 January 2007 at The Forum

Club Night Review - Buttoned Down Disco - 27 January 2007 at The ForumIt's a bit difficult to review a travelling club night like Buttoned Down Disco. Since it is ever changing, what is there to focus on? The best I can hope is that talking about this one evening will convey the overall feel of the night from week to week.

Buttoned Down Disco is an invite only club. However, invitations aren't difficult to come by. After signing up for the mailing list at www.buttoneddowndisco.com you'll receive a message every week or so informing you of the current location. They certainly aren't having a hard time finding venues, having held nights at a myriad of places across London including the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This week saw BDD moving into the Forum. While initially that seemed too big, as the evening wore on it filled out nicely. It wasn't packed, but the pleasant atmosphere was enhanced by having room to breathe.

When you have a constantly moving club based around one DJ, that DJ had better be pretty good. Fortunately for BDD, Dollyrocker rocks. Somehow I doubt I'm the first to use that pun. The mix for the evening ran the gamut, but Dollyrocker kept everything dance-worthy and was, gloriously, not afraid to play the cheesiest of pop hits.

Dollyrocker also proved to be an actual DJ, as opposed to the far too commonplace person who just throws on records. The transitions from song to song were flawless, as even when the intro to a song brought the energy level down it felt natural and gave the disco's dancers a brief and welcome rest. My one issue with the playlist was that too many excellent dance records were burned far too early, as a classic like Blondie's Heart of Glass had all of two revellers boogieing down.

The denizens of BDD were almost universally of the young, hip persuasion. Obviously the decision to require invitations makes sure that those who do get in have a genuine interest in clubbing - people have to make the decision to attend BDD. At the same time, they aren't just a bunch of standard indie kids. These patrons cut a broad swath among Londoners in their late teens and early 20s.

Overall, Buttoned Down Disco was a quality way to spend a Saturday evening. While at first the secret location and invite only policies seemed silly, as it turns out they keep the club's clientele quite lovely. Additionally, entry was free before 10.00pm and only UKP5 after 10.00pm and they generally offer 2-4-1 drink deals if you arrive early.

- Kevin Garnett