Election Special: Eddie Izzard Crowned Queen, Picks Gordon Brown as PM


Comedian chosen to voice Her Maj in The Simpsons and to front Labour broadcast

Election Special: Eddie Izzard Crowned Queen, Picks Gordon Brown as PM.

EDDIE IZZARD is to become the Queen and wants to pick the next Prime Minister.

The cross-dressing comic isn't planning a palace coup, but is to be the voice of Her Majesty in an up-coming episode of The Simpsons.

"He jumped at the chance," a source told The Sun. "Viewers will find it very funny."

In fact, Izzard has been after a spot in The Simpsons for some time.

"I'd love to be in it, but they never asked me, and I don’t want to push it," he said.

In the royal Simpsons episode, the Queen spends her days watching Homer and co. via a CCTV link. It will be broadcast on US TV this weekend and in the UK next month.

Before that, tonight in fact, Izzard fronts an election broadcast for the Labour Party, in which he backs Gordon Brown as a "a serious man for serious times" and hits out at the opposition Tory party.

"I'm doing the broadcast because I take great offence at the Tories slagging off Britain, saying it's broken," said Izzard.

Referring to his recent 43 marathons in 51 days charity run, Izzard added:

"I ran around the country and I found that Britain is brilliant. People from all kinds of backgrounds ran with me. Kids from rural estates and kids from inner city areas.

"The country has a big heart, which I saw even while we were going through tough times. The Tory party have changed their suits, but still don't believe in fairness, otherwise they wouldn't be in the Tory party".

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